Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Amy's continued recovery

Hello Everyone,

We write you from a rehabilitation hospital in Berkeley, California Amy's home town.

Amy continues to fight for recovery - working daily on walking, talking, memory, cognitive skills, and life skills to re-build her independence. The previously completely paralyzed side of her body is regaining movement and control while her overall health has stabilized. We are blessed to have her, and her ever present affection, in our lives as the weeks and months begin to draw us away from last October's horrors and into new stages of life.

Amy's therapy work will continue for months to come, yet we are also trying to recover moments of normalcy - a family meal, a view of the golden gate from the hospital garden, listening to new music and shared laughs under the covers when our day is done.

Many thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm for Amy's resilience. Due to Amy's need for a continued low-stimulation environment, please arrange all visiting in advance with family.
Much love from California.


  1. This is one classy, determined lady. I give a flying fsk about what was, and am grateful for the rock-stars who assist leading her back. Total props on that. You. Go. And. We. Are. Behind. Amy.
    Thanks .....

  2. Much love and continued best thoughts to and for Amy and her team as they all work to restore Amy's health. Thank you for keeping us informed.

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