Monday, January 21, 2013

end of January update

Our gratitude runs deep for the friends, colleagues, volunteers, reporters, and audience members who made this past weekend's dance benefit such a celebration of Amy while raising 11,000 for her recovery!! A special thanks to Amy's dance students and medical staff who were in attendance last Saturday and of course the exquisite group of professionals who gave their art to show their love.

Through the dedicated work of Terry, mother of Amy's fellow Kirov grad and dear friend Amy Marie, a local Denver news station picked up Amy's story last week and included footage of rehearsal and two of Amy's friends and professional colleagues, Amy Marie and Oliver. 

Denver's newspaper also wrote a piece about Amy and the benefit which you can read here.

Amy is settling into an intensive traumatic brain injury rehabilitation hospital. Given the extensive list of medical complications which she has faced and fought through, it is relieving to enter into a phase of this process wherein she can gather new energy to approach her cognitive healing. Amy has regained a few words, takes naps regularly, and still enjoys every meal. Her days are very full with a variety of therapy appointments.

TBI, as we are learning, is a long, complex re-orientation to living. Amy's brain is just beginning to wake up and is easily overwhelmed by processing her environment or simple tasks. Her brain will have to re-learn how to do everything from playing tick-tack-toe to expressing complex thought. We love who she is and through all the loss and challenges, I find that there is nothing like still getting to be together each day.

If you wish to visit Amy on the weekends, we ask that you contact family directly (even if you have already seen her since October) in order to determine the best time for Amy and give her something to look forward to. Please keep your visit short given the energy it takes for her to interact socially even if she appears alert. True to Amy she is working harder to take care of us than she is to take care of herself. Send her your love in cards and notes at the new address under "mail for Amy."


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