Thursday, December 27, 2012

Close of December, medical update

Hello friends,

We hope you are enjoying the holidays with family and loved ones near and far.
Denver has become quiet again with a blanket of beautiful snow this week.

Amy continues to work hard in her many therapy appointments. Her days are very full with occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, nutritionists, hair washes, rehabilitation doctors, meals, and neurosurgeons. Sleep and privacy for Amy are treasured commodities.

Amy has a long road ahead to rebuild neurological connections and find new ways of cognitively processing and adjusting to her injuries. Amy's brain is young and her body is that of a professional athlete, however the brain damage she has sustained is severe and bi-lateral. We all wish we had a crystal ball. Right now simply sitting up in a wheelchair takes a great deal of effort for Amy, physically and cognitively. With only one side of her body working and the trauma of her accident's effect, we are working day by day to expand Amy's world again. This is her life and we are trying to give her the tools to rebuild it in all the possible direction she may choose.

Her courage continues to give me strength everyday. The arrival of Mary from California again has given us all peace as we watch Amy attempt to communicate with her by producing new words and facial expressions, calmed by her presence and voice. We miss Cheryl and Catherine's friendship and helping hands, but stay up to date on news from home including the birth of a healthy baby girl to Aaron and Grace, childhood friends of Amy, Catherine, and I's.

We are looking forward to our move to an intensive cognitive rehabilitation hospital. Amy will be part of a 9am-5pm therapy program with other brain injury survivors, mostly close to her age, throughout the week, followed by weekends for rest.


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